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Simply How Much Weed? Colorado Marijuana Laws Revealed Now

Colorado legalized marijuana used in 2012 and allowed marijuana november sales towards the public on January first, 2014; but, marijuana legislation within the state of Colorado nevertheless comes with conditions. Whether you’re making use of marijuana for leisure or reasons that are medical intend to offer it, it is essential to check out Colorado marijuana guidelines in order to avoid high priced appropriate charges and also prison time. As well as understanding the law, you need to understandthe possibility outcomes of cannabis in order to make the best choice centered on your private wellness needs.

We’ve assembled this comprehensive guide to Colorado cannabis laws and regulations to allow you to navigate the appropriate landscape. When you check this out guide, you’ll Know how to legally buy, sell, and use marijuana in the continuing state, and you’ll know very well what might get you in some trouble. We’ll also give you science-based here is how marijuana that is using your wellbeing, including safe use and usage techniques.

Colorado Amendment 64: The Legalization of Marijuana

Colorado made history within the U.S. by legalizing recreational cannabis usevia a ballot measure referred to as Amendment 64, or perhaps the Colorado Marijuana Legalization Amendment. On 6, 2012, after a majority of Colorado novembervoters authorized the measure, the state became one of the primary two into the U.S. (alongside Washington) allowing grownups over 21 to utilize cannabis without having a medical prescription. What the law states took impact on 10, 2012 december; it included a provision for marijuana become taxed and sold commercially in Colorado beginning on 1st, 2014 january.

Colorado Marijuana Laws

Though recreational cannabis is appropriate in Colorado, that does not signify anybody can partake wherever they need. Just like liquor, there are limitations on appropriate cannabis in Colorado. Here’s what you ought to understand about buying, possessing, transporting, and making use of marijuana that is recreational under Colorado legislation.

Possession and make use of in Colorado

Age: you truly must be 21 or older to obtain or make use of cannabis.

Maximum quantity: you can easily possess as much as one ounce (1 oz.) of marijuana flower, concentrates, or edibles.

Where you could utilize cannabis: You can’t lawfully utilize cannabis in public places. Which means no cannabis used in vehicles, bars, restaurants, parks, ski resorts, and even the shop in which you got it. This limitation pertains to all kinds of cannabis usage, including vaporizers and edibles. Essentially, you are able to only legally eat marijuana in a residence that is private with some exceptions (see places that are“marijuana-friendly below). If you’re in a flat, you need to consult your landlord.

Where you DEFINITELY can’t use marijuana: Marijuana is prohibited in most associated with parks that are national forests, along with other federally protected areas in Colorado. Though it’s legal under state legislation, getting caught with marijuana in these areas can lead to hefty fines and also imprisonment. And although this can be most likely obvious, you can’t make use of cannabis in — or transport to – neighboring states.

Marijuana-friendly places

Perhaps your landlord is ok that is n’t cannabis, or you’re just visiting the state. No matter what explanation, in the event that you don’t have residence that is private you may use marijuana in Colorado, you’ve kept choices.

There are lots of personal venues throughout the state that allow people to smoke, like special “lounges” that typically charge a membership charge or even a daily price for cannabis consumers. Sometimes, other venues will host pot-friendly occasions when it comes to public that is general often with an additional solution expense. And don’t forget the numerous accommodations, lodges, and condos across Colorado that enable visitors to utilize cannabis. Wherever you’re, remember to have a look at your host’s policies and start to become courteous to other people.

Think about growing my very own cannabis?

Though you is only able to travel with one ounce of cannabis or less, adults 21 and older are permitted to develop as much as three plants that are immature three mature flowers. In this context, “mature” plants are the ones that may be harvested for usable marijuana (this phase can also be called “flowering”).

You are able to keep most of the marijuana these flowers create, regardless of if it is a lot more than an ounce. When you do produce a lot more than an ounce of cannabis with your own flowers, but, this has to keep in which you expanded it. You can’t travel with it.

Driving with cannabis

We already covered the maximum quantity of cannabis grownups over 21 can hold in it (that’s one ounce, if you desire a refresher). Exactly what about whenever you’re into the automobile? it is possible to think about regulations regarding driving with cannabis as comparable to those pertaining to driving and liquor — consuming it when you drive (or being a passenger in an automobile) is unlawful and that can enable you to get drunk driving (see “Penalties” under “Using Marijuana in Colorado” below).

But unlike with liquor, what the law states regarding “open containers” of cannabis in automobiles is tricky. That’s because cannabis is frequently stored in containers you could start effortlessly, like synthetic bags. Whether or not a case is closed and stowed away within the glove compartment, it might nevertheless be considered “open” by a police under particular circumstances. And driving having a available container of cannabis is unlawful.

Sounds confusing, right? Let’s break it right down to make certain you realize exactly just what could easily get you in some trouble if you’re driving and you’re stopped with marijuana in Colorado.

In accordance with colorado.gov, you will be charged with a traffic offense in the event that cannabis item seal is broken, a few of the item happens to be consumed, and there’s proof it was utilized in the vehicle.

Due to the fact this evidence is as much as an officer’s discretion, the easiest method to ensure you don’t obtain a admission for the container that is open of marijuana is always to keep it somewhere passengers won’t have admission — like in the trunk. Otherwise, in the event that container of marijuana remains sealed, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Could I get fired for making use of marijuana?

Though marijuana is legal for adults in Colorado, your employer can certainly still impose restrictions on medication use — even outside the workplace. Traces of cannabis can stay static in the body for several days or days, dependent on simply how much You use and how often it is used by you. In the event your company calls for regular medication tests, that’s something to bear in mind.

Purchasing Marijuana in Colorado

You may maybe perhaps not believe it is in the part shop, but licensed marijuanadispensaries have actually sprung up all over the state — especially in big urban centers like Denver and Aurora.

Where can I buy cannabis in Colorado?

Locate a dispensary near you.

Shop Hours

Under Colorado cannabis laws and regulations, cannabis stores can run from 8 A.M. until midnight, though it is better to consult your store that is local as towns (like Denver) need shops to shut prior to when midnight.

How much may I purchase?

Recreational marijuana users can’t carry around multiple ounce (28 grams) of cannabis at the same time. Consequently, that’s the absolute most that the dispensary can sell. Nevertheless, since one ounce of concentrates or edibles has a lot higher quantities of THC than one ounce of marijuana “flower,” Colorado cannabis laws and regulations limits acquisitions into the maximum “marijuana equivalency.”

Which means you can buy some blend of the next in the event that total THC content does not surpass roughly the same as one ounce:

1 ounce of cannabis flower

8 grms of focus (wax, hash, THC oil, or tinctures)

800 milligrams of THC in edibles (typically about 80 servings)

Remember that the above guidelines just affect everything you can buy, not everything you can take with you. Whether you have got flower, hash, edibles, or other concentrates, you’re permitted to have one ounce of retail cannabis items. Apart from exactly how much is in your possession, there’s no restriction to just how much cannabis you can purchase per day.

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Just how much does it cost?

The cost of cannabis shall rely on everything you purchase. There are many facets which go into just just how marijuana that is much in Colorado expense, including:

Kind: Wax, hash, and edibles have high doses of concentrated THC and will surely cost a lot more than standard “flower” marijuana.

Potency/strain: goods with increased THC are far more high priced (and have now stronger effects).

State and taxes that are local See “Marijuana Taxes” below.

The typical pre-tax cost of Colorado marijuana that is recreational April 2017 was $6.95 per gram, relating to an analysis by BDS Analytics. (1) That’s down almost $2.04 per gram through the period that is same 2014. But that is just The price that is average all strains of cannabis. You can be prepared to pay as much as $20 per gram or higher for premium weed strains.

Remember: you will find 28 grms in a ounce, therefore purchasing the maximum legal number of cannabis could possibly be very costly, particularly considering these are pre-tax rates.

Marijuana Fees

A few different fees are placed on marijuana acquisitions in Colorado, including state and regional fees. Regional fees can differ from city to town. Denver, for example, charges a 7.15% income tax rate for many leisure marijuana product sales while Aurora charges 7.75%. As well as the various regional income tax prices, a situation taxation price of 15% is put on all marijuana that is retail acquisitions.

Therefore, what do these fees suggest for you personally? In a lot of Colorado towns and cities, it is possible to expect you’ll pay at the very least 20percent of this purchase that is final in taxes for retail marijuana purchases.

These taxes are producing a significant windfall for the state. One analysis discovered that commercial product sales of cannabis have generated over $500 million in Colorado income tax income because the begin of 2014. (2)

Where does all that tax revenue get?

Over fifty percent of cannabis taxation income funds K-12 education, including college construction, renovations, and bullying prevention programs. A significant part (almost 25 % by some quotes) would go to substance punishment programs and youth medication prevention efforts. An inferior portion goes to police, like the Marijuana Enforcement Division and also the Attorney General’s unique prosecutions product.

Healthcare Marijuana

Health cannabis had been introduced in Colorado in 2001. It became the 7th U.S. state to legalize marijuana use for clients struggling with a range of conditions with a qualifying doctor’s recommendation. There are lots of differences when considering Colorado’s leisure cannabis regulations and its particular medical marijuana legislation, including:

Possession: Those authorized for medical cannabis can possess as much as two ounces (2 oz.) of cannabis — double the total amount permitted for leisure marijuana users.

Goods: Medical marijuana patients get access to greater strength edibles and non-psychoactive medicines derived from cannabis, such as CBD supplements.

Taxes: Unlike retail cannabis, medical marijuana is just susceptible to the standard 2.9% state product sales taxation and different sales that are local; it is not at the mercy of taxes that are extra.

Keep reading to understand tips on how to be eligible for medical marijuana in Colorado, including just how to make an application for a medical cannabis card and medical Colorado marijuana laws and regulations for youngster clients.

Whom qualifies for medical cannabis?

Colorado residents may be eligible for medical cannabis whether they have some of The conditions that are following



Chronic discomfort

Chronic system that is nervous

Epilepsy/chronic seizures




Persistent Muscle Spasms

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Condition)

Clients could also be eligible for medical cannabis when they show comparable signs to those made by these conditions.

To be a marijuana that is medical, you must additionally receive a penned official certification from a doctor licensed in Colorado. That official official certification must suggest that you have qualifying condition and therefore you’d gain from medical cannabis.

Applying for a medical cannabis card

The method to try to get a medical cannabis card in Colorado is rather simple and easy could be completed(once that is online have written approval from a medical practitioner). There’s a $15 processing cost for many applications. In the event that you distribute your web application with the proper information, approval provides more or less 1-3 company times, based on the Colorado Department of Public Wellness & Environment.

Make an application for a Colorado medical marijuana card.

Health cannabis for Colorado young ones

Colorado enables people underneath the chronilogical age of 21, including kiddies, to gain access to medical marijuana or items produced by cannabis, such as for instance CBD. But there clearly was one essential difference for kiddies. Children desire a suggestion from two physicians as opposed to someone to get marijuana that is medical.

Young ones are far more in danger for a range conditions which may gain from medical cannabis, such as for example epilepsy. But THC — the stuff in cannabis that gets you that is high demonstrated an ability to possess a really pronounced effect on adolescent minds (3). Consequently, your child’s medical practitioner may suggest marijuana products which are reduced in THC but saturated in CBD — also referred to as cannabidiol.

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Offering Marijuana in Colorado

Appropriate cannabis is among the quickest growing industries in the U.S. today, and a lot of smart folks are spending in cannabis. Wish to be a component of that industry and start your cannabis that are own in Colorado? Here’s what you ought to know.

Just how to start a cannabis store

Colorado has laid out a few demands that potential store owners must meet before they’re allowed a license to market cannabis.

Those demands consist of:

Age: you should be 21 or older.

No present medication beliefs or felonies: in the event that you’ve been convicted of the criminal activity involving controlled substances within the past ten years or have experienced any felony beliefs of any sort in past times five years, you’re maybe maybe not eligible to get yourself a retail cannabis permit.

Residency: you ‘must’ have lived in Colorado for the previous two years or be hitched to a Colorado resident.

You’ll should also confirm that the town or county for which you plan to do business permits marijuana that is retail within its jurisdiction. Some metropolitan areas in Colorado, like Colorado Springs, only allow medical marijuana companies.

Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division has detailed the municipalities that state they’re available for company, though this list is not fundamentally exhaustive. Make sure to consult with your county or city before you beginchecking out the applying procedure.

The expense of company

Regrettably, starting a marijuana that is retail or other cannabis company in Colorado is not cheap. These costs differ according to what type of procedure you’re running (see “Types of marijuana organizations” below). Here will be the expenses you may expect for a typical marijuana that is retail — simply to have your online business from the ground.

Application Fee: $4500

Plant Count Fee: predicated on exactly exactly how numerous flowers you have a much

Tier 2 (as much as 3,600 flowers): $1,000

Tier 3 (Up to 6,000 flowers): $2,000

Tier 4 (as much as 10,200 plants): $4,000

Tier 5 (as much as 13,800 flowers): $6,000

Store costs: that’s where it gets really costly. Between acquiring equipment, purchasing estate that is real having to pay your staff, starting protectionsystems, as well as other associated costs of beginning a business, you’re most likely taking a look at six or seven numbers of costs. One analysis of two Rhode Island marijuana that is medical found their startup expenses become between $600,000 and $2,500,000. (5) Though your expenses may be somewhat lower with a tightly run marijuana that is retail, you’ll definitely require loads of capital to pull it well.

Kinds of cannabis organizations

For many years after legalization, Colorado needed companies to address marijuana product sales from seed to sale — this is certainly, growing and cultivating the marijuana, harvesting it, last but not least attempting to sell it. It had been all managed underneath the exact same company umbrella.

Now, marijuana manufacturers don’t necessarily need to offer cannabis, and shop owners don’t have actually to cultivate it by themselves. You will find even marijuanabusinesses that don’t sell or grow the material.

Here’s a complete set of the cannabis company licenses it is possible to submit an application for in Colorado, in accordance with colorado.gov:

Marijuana Store: A company where grownups 21 or older may buy retail marijuana

Marijuana Cultivation: a center that grows and harvests cannabis flowers for stores

Product Manufacturing: A facility that manufactures marijuana that is retail items (like edibles and concentrates)

Testing center: a center that executes testing and research on cannabis for any other licensed businesses that are retail

Transporter: Provides transport and short-term storage space services to marijuana companies

Retail Marijuana Operator: Provides expert functional solutions to more than one marijuana that is retail

Attempting to sell cannabis items

After you have your store exposed and you’re ready to sell, make certain you’re knowledgeable about the laws and regulations about purchasing cannabis in Colorado. In the event that you offer throughout the appropriate limitation up to a customer or offer to a minor, you’re accountable for Penalties under the statutory law(See “Penalties” under “Using Marijuana in Colorado” below).

You’ll find the maximum purchase limitation for cannabis services and products above, but Here they are again in case they were missed by you.

A retail cannabis shop can sell each buyer that is legal

1 ounce (28 grms) of marijuana flower,

8 grms of focus (wax, hash, THC oil, or tinctures),

800 milligrams of THC in edibles (typically about 80 servings), or

Some combination of the aforementioned so long as the total THC content doesn’t exceed the same as one ounce.

Here’s an illustration. State you sold a customer 4 grams of focus. After that, you might only offer them 14 grms of cannabis flower considering that the total THC exact carbon copy of that deal could be one ounce. Or, in the event that you offered a client 200 milligrams of THC edibles, you could also offer them 14 grms of cannabis and 2 grms of concentrates.

As you possibly can probably tell, you’ll need to comprehend mathematics to comply with these buying guidelines. Ensure you as well as your workers are capable of these calculations, or perhaps you chance running afoul for the legislation.

Utilizing Marijuana in Colorado

Now it’s time to cover what that you know about Colorado marijuana laws it is actually like to utilize the material!

In this area, we’ll cover methods of eating marijuana, just how to make use of it safely, its health impacts, and just what charges you can incur for breaking what the law states.

Ways of usage

If you’re brand brand new to utilizing cannabis, you do not recognize that you can find a wide range of various ways to take it, each having its advantages that are own disadvantages.


The method that is“classic” of cannabis, and undoubtedly the most common, is smoking cigarettes. Marijuana is smoked having a lighter held to the plant material. You can find a few methods you can smoke cannabis, including…

Blunts/joints: Weed is rolled right into a cigar or wrap that is cigarette-like smoked.

Pipes: Weed is packed into “bowl” at the conclusion of a pipe that is dry.

Liquid pipes/bongs: Marijuana smoke is filtered via a chamber of water before achieving the mouthpiece.

Smoking cannabis doesn’t require expensive gear like several other Methods (though you can definitely spend a complete great deal on high-end pipelines and bongs). But you can find downsides. For starters, the smoke made by burning cannabis may be harsh in the lungs. Dependent on exactly how you’re smoking it and how frequently, this smoke may have effects that are lasting the the respiratory system ( more on that under “Health Effects” below).

Yet another thing to consider is the fact that the high from cigarette smoking cannabis is diverse from a vaping high. That’s since the THC that is psychoactive released from combusting (burning) cannabis differs from the others than exactly what vaping releases. Many users report that smoking marijuana has a tendency to offer a longer-lasting, more “stoned” high when compared with the greater mellowed-out feeling from vaporized cannabis.


Marijuana vaporizers use electronic heating systems that get weed simply hot adequate to produce the THC inside without combusting (burning) it. Going for a pull of vapor feels much smoother than using a winner of smoke, in addition to vapor has a tendency to have softer and subtler taste.

Vaping cannabis is becoming very popular in Colorado. Why tend to be more individuals looking at vaporizers instead of pipes? Possibly one reason why may be the odor — or absence thereof. Unlike cigarette smoking marijuana, vaporizing seems to leave odor that is little residual. If you’re focused on your next-door neighbors whining concerning the odor of marijuana, don’t want your garments to smell like weed, or have been in a scenario where you have to be discrete, a vaporizer may be the strategy to use.

The drawback to vaping is the fact that it could be high priced with an increased barrier to entry. There’s no such thing as a “disposable” cannabis vaporizer, unlike smoking blunts or bones. A little, portable vaporizer could aim for about $50 to $60. Many of those items are called vape pencils. From the top quality, there are stationary vapes that are“desktop” which create a huge amount of vapor and could run you just as much as $700.

Dabbing/hash oil/concentrates

Dabbing involves warming up concentrated doses of cannabis on a little surface, frequently a nail, and inhaling the smoke that’s produced. This concentrated cannabis goes on a few names, such as for example wax, shatter, and butane hash oil.

If vaping and smoking cannabis are just like consuming a alcohol, “dabbing” a marijuana focus is like taking a go of vodka. The high with this technique has a tendency to hit quickly and occurs strong. That’s since the THC extract is incredibly focused. Hash oils, wax, along with other concentrates can include 60-80% THC. Compare that to cannabis flower, which tends only to own 15-25% THC, and you will understand why this process is indeed powerful.

Needless to say, a higher-potency item additionally comes at an increased expense. There’s Also the known undeniable fact that dabbing typically requires a blowtorch to heat the focus towards the desired heat, that can be dangerous if used improperly.


Perhaps one of the most popular techniques with brand new cannabis consumers, edibles let you experience all the results to be high without the need to smoke that is inhale or vapor. Edibles can are available in a variety of kinds, including candies, soda pops, and cooked products (such as the stereotypical brownies).

Though great deal of work went into making edibles safe for grownups to consume, it is crucial to know exactly what constitutes a “serving size” and just how long they are able to just simply take to start working.

Meal: advised dosage for edibles is 10 milligrams of THC. That would be only one little bit of a bag of chips or a couple of sips of soda. Make sure you see the packaging label and know how much you’re eating.

Duration: It could possibly be a little while prior to starting experiencing the consequences of edibles, according to just how complete your stomach is, your k-calorie burning, as well as other facets. You really need to wait hours that are several eating your dosage before having any longer. Some edibles can endure as much as 10 hours, so ensure you clear your calendar before you partake!

When you have kids or animals, make sure to keep edibles someplace they can’t arrive at them. The flavor and smell of edibles may be appealing, but eating the products could be dangerous for small children and tiny pets.

Additionally, keep in mind never to operate a vehicle or run hefty equipment after eating edibles. You start driving, it’s though you might not “feel high” when impractical to understand when an edible will that is high in and render your intoxicated.


Creams, salves, aerosols, spots, and balms may be infused with cannabis to help treat epidermis swelling, discomfort, itchiness, soreness, along with other conditions. These products work by activating particular receptors in your skin with cannabinoids produced from cannabis, such as for instance CBD topicals. Though they won’t allow you to get high, topicals may bring relief to skin that is painful and even assistance with cramping and muscle mass soreness.

Safe Use

It is impractical to have overdose that is lethal cannabis (so far as we all know). But that doesn’t suggest you can’t become ill or really injured or perish within an accident pertaining to cannabis consumption. Here’s what you need to understand about using cannabis safely.


Marijuana, edibles, along with other cannabis services and products must certanly be held in airtight containers away from reach of young ones or animals. What the law states requires that cannabis products are offered in child-resistant containers. Nonetheless it’s as much as one to keep cannabis far from people who shouldn’t get it.

Which will make your weed last the longest, you ought to keep it in an awesome, dry spot with low or no experience of air that is outside. Glass jars are superb with this function.

Accidental Ingestion and Edibles

Marijuana itself won’t allow you to high in plant form if you consume it. You won’t experience any adverse signs, apart from possibly some indigestion. However, if you eliminate edibles from their packaging that is original has a prominent icon caution that the merchandise contains THC, you might inadvertently consume a dose that is big of without also realizing it.

In the event that you or someone you care about has|one that is loved unintentionally ingested a marijuana product, the initial thing do is check up on their symptoms. These symptoms can consist of:

Difficulty with breathing

Light-headedness or dizziness

Lack of coordination

Panic disorder

Fast heartbeat

If you’re noticing these symptoms in an adult, the smartest thing to accomplish appropriate away is to attempt to calm down the person that is affected reminding them that what they’re experiencing is temporary and will likely be assisted by reducing anxiety and using deep, sluggish breaths.

With kiddies, but, it is a various tale. Whenever young children or small children consume edibles, these symptoms can be severe. Should your son or daughter has consumed a marijuana item, don’t forget to look for attention that is medical their wellbeing. Likewise, you ought to call 911 if a grownup is having difficulty respiration, has pale skin, or perhaps is unresponsive.

Mixing cannabis, and marijuana with alcohol or any other medicines

Various cannabis strains and items may have effects that are vastly different from the mind and body. It’s far better avoid combining them until you’re completely Aware of how you are affected by them and just how much it is possible to manage.

Mixing cannabis and liquor can severely make you impaired, often with emotions of sickness, dizziness, and drowsiness.

Marijuana may also connect to prescription drugs as well as other medications with unwanted effects. Be sure to research whether cannabis can impact any medications you’re using and vice versa.

Secondhand smoke

Like cigarettes, the secondhand smoke of cannabis can impact other people within the vicinity, especially in enclosed areas with bad ventilation. It’s feasible for bystanders to obtain a “contact high” from being within the existence of cannabis smokers. More research figure out the results of This smoke that is secondhand. You need ton’t smoke cigarettes around whoever could suffer wellness effects from inhaling it, like expectant mothers, young ones, and those with breathing dilemmas.

Youth health results

Marijuana is appropriate limited to grownups avove the age of 21 in Colorado, and also you should not offer it to underage young ones or adolescents. That’s because cannabis might have significant impacts on youth growth and development, including…

Addiction: The elements of the brain that handle impulse control and decision-making continue to be under construction within our teenage years — and those functions may be completely modified for heavy cannabis users. Those mind changes makes it easier for youth getting hooked on cannabis, and the ones whom begin using it as a teen continue making use of in life.

Athletic performance: Marijuana smoke can worsen the health of your lung area, rendering it harmful for youth athletes

Learning, memory, and prospective: Marijuana impacts short-term memory, attention period, learning, and decision-making abilities. These results don’t stop after the high wears down. Since the mind remains developing until Your 20s that are early-to-mid cannabis can make permanent alterations in mind structure and function in teenagers. That’s specially real for hefty users. One study on young heavy cigarette cigarette smokers showed a fall in brain functioning comparable to losing 6 IQ points (4).


Even though leisure marijuana is appropriate for adult use, it is possible to nevertheless be in difficulty because of the legislation in the event that you don’t stick to the rules (see Possession in Colorado above). Check out associated with fines, charges, and Criminal charges related to marijuana in the continuing state of Colorado.


Adults 21 or higher can legitimately have one ounce of marijuana. Beyond that, you face charges:

1 – 2 ounces of cannabis: A petty offense with a $100 fine

2 – 6 ounces: A misdemeanor with as much as a 12 months in jail or over up to a $700 fine

6 – 12 ounces: A misdemeanor with as much as 1.5 years in prison and a $500 to $5,000 fine

Significantly more than 12 ounces: A felony with around 2 years in jail and a $1,000 to $100,000 fine

People that have a legitimate medical cannabis card can possess as much as 2 ounces of marijuana without penalty.

Openly displaying or making use of 2 ounces of marijuana or less drug that is petty offense that will include a day of community service as well as a $100 fine.


Control of marijuana paraphernalia is really a petty offense with a $100 fine.

Distribution or sale

The only real legal method to offer cannabis is through an authorized . Otherwise, you face charges:

4 ounces or less: A https://cbdoilworld.org misdemeanor with as much as 1.5 years in prison and a $500 to $5,000 fine

4 – 12 ounces: A felony with as much as 24 months in prison and a $1,000 to $100,000 fine.

12 ounces to 5 pounds: A felony with as much as 6 years in prison and a $2,000 to $500,000 fine

5 pounds to 50 pounds: A felony with up to 16 years in prison and a $3,000 to $750,000 fine

Significantly more than 50 pounds: A felony with as much as 32 years in prison and a $5,000 to $1,000,000 fine

Possessing 8 ounces of marijuana or even more is recognized as “intent to distribute” and can raise the sentence you face. Most of these charges are far more severe when selling to a small.


Grownups 21 and older can develop as much as 6 flowers: 3 mature and 3 immature. Charges for growing more are:

6 – 30 plants: A felony with up to 2 years in prison and an excellent of $1,000 to $100,000

A lot more than 30 plants: A felony with as much as 6 years in prison and a superb of $2,000 to $500,000

Hash and Concentrates: Possession and Sale/Distribution

Adults 21 and older can possess up to one ounce of hash/concentrates and can’t sell them to other people. The charges for breaking these Colorado cannabis rules are:


1 – 3 ounces: A misdemeanor with as much as 1.5 years in prison and a $500 to $5,000 fine

A lot more than 3 ounces: A felony with up to two years in jail and a $1,000 to $100,000 fine

Distribution and sale

2 ounces or less: A misdemeanor with as much as 1.5 years in jail and a $500 to $5,000 fine

2 – 6 ounces: A felony with around 24 months in prison and a $1,000 to $100,000 fine

6 ounces to 2.5 pounds: A felony with up to 6 years in prison and a $5,000 to $500,000 fine

2.5 – 25 pounds: A felony with as much as 16 years in jail and a $3000 to $750,000 fine

A lot more than 25 pounds: A felony with around 32 years in jail and a $5,000 to $100,000 fine

Each one of these charges tend to be more severe when selling to a small.

Drugged driving

Colorado legislation has built an impairment degree for cannabis: 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood. Since every person metabolizes THC differently, this degree may or may well not mean you’re really “high,” but you are able to still be charged with a DUI when your blood test positive.

First offense: as much as 1 12 months in prison, 96 hours of community solution, and a $1000 fine according to the extent of disability

2nd offense: as much as 1 in jail, 120 hours of community service and a year $600 to $1,500 fine with a couple of years of probation

3rd and subsequent offense: as much as 1 year in prison, 120 hours of community service, court-ordered liquor and drug driving safety education system and a $600 to $1,500 fine with 2 years of probation.

Have questions regarding any such thing in this guide? inform us in the comments and we’ll do our best to respond to them.